Your tables will be the centrepiece of your wedding or event and so attention to detail is all important.  We will work together with you to determine how many tables you need based on your number of guests and your seating plan. 

Asian Wedding Glass Top Table Hire

Whether you are planning to have a top table for the bride and groom, a large family VIP table and then round banqueting tables for all your guests, then we can most certainly help with what you need.

Family Table Asian Wedding

The RAAJ offers a range of different table shapes and sizes to cater for all requirements, including round dining tables and rectangular dining tables.  

VIP family table hire The RAAJ

We have these available in large quantities to cater for almost any wedding or event size, so simply discuss your requirements with your RAAJ consultant who will be delighted to explore all the available options with you.  

Asian Wedding Table Hire

Round banqueting tables

Here at The RAAJ, we offer round dining tables for your wedding or corporate event banquet, in three sizes – 5ft round dining tables, 6ft round dining tables and 7ft round dining tables.  These tables have a circular wooden table top and metal folding legs, and can be covered by tablecloths to co-ordinate with your planned colour scheme and event décor.

Family Table For Asian Wedding RAAJ

5ft round dining tables seat up to 8 people.
The matching tablecloth is 108" round (which gives a 6" drop to the floor) or 118" round which hangs straight to the floor.

6ft round dining tables seat up to 10 people.  
The matching tablecloth is 118” round (which gives a 6” drop to the floor) or 132” round which hangs straight to the floor.

7ft round dining tables seat up to 12 people.
The matching tablecloth is 132” round (which gives a 6” drop to the floor).

Your RAAJ consultant will be delighted to explore all the various options with you based on your event-specific requirements.

Wedding Tables The RAAJ

Rectangular banqueting tables

You may prefer rectangular dining tables for your Asian wedding or corporate event, in which case your RAAJ consultant will be able to assist you.  We have hundreds of trestle tables to put into your wedding venue, which are available in either a 6ft rectangular dining table or 8ft rectangular dining table size, enabling us to plan and create the perfect table and seating arrangements for your special occasion.

Round Wedding Table Hire

6ft rectangular dining tables seat up to 8 people.
The matching tablecloth is 70 x 108” rectangular.

8ft rectangular dining tables seat up to 10 people.
The matching tablecloth is 70 x 144” rectangular.

Your RAAJ consultant will be delighted to discuss all the available options with you based on your specific requirements.

Table Hire For Asian Wedding

Top Table Hire Asian Weddings

Rent Tables for Asian Wedding

With the banquet inevitably being a major and integral part of your Asian wedding, you want to make sure that you get this right, and 'getting it right' involves a multitude of different elements of which the banqueting tables is one as part of your furniture hire list.  It might seem like a foregone conclusion, but the reality is that careful consideration needs to be given to the wedding table hire in the same way that you have done with your chair hire, mandap hire, mobile bar hire, dance floor hire and so on.

Table Hire Asian Wedding

Asian Wedding Table Hire In The Sizes, Styles & Quantities You Need

In terms of choosing the best wedding tables, this is very much determined by a number of factors, as what is 'best' for one couple will probably not be 'best' for another.  In other words, different Asian weddings and events are held at different venues, with some venues larger than others, and guest lists of varying sizes.  Ultimately, you need to ensure that you hire an Asian wedding venue which is large enough to accommodate your guests from both a standing and seated perspective.  This means that when all your guests are seated for the wedding banquet, can the venue accommodate all the tables and chairs so that your guests are comfortable?  And by comfortable, we mean is there the optimum amount of guests on each table with sufficient room between place settings so that there is no elbow intrusion and, likewise, enough space on the table to house all the various cutlery, glassware, crockery, serving plates, lazy susans, table centrepieces and so on.....the list is almost endless.  And, furthermore, is there sufficient room, when everyone is seated at their tables, between the tables so that the waiting staff can easily access your guests with food and drink?  All these are essential questions that need to be asked during the wedding planning process.

The answers to these questions lie in the experience of your wedding planning RAAJ consultant and the knowledge and experience of the venues that you are considering.  As far as couples of concerned, they need to have the number of invited guests to hand as a starting point in the discussions, as the ability of a venue to comfortably accommodate this number will be essential in determining a venue's suitability.  Once decided, then as couples you can decvide what table layout you would like.  Do you want round banqueting tables, rectangular dining tables or a mizture of the two?  Certainly rectangular banqueting tables are often used on the staging area for the bride and groom and as top tables for the extended family, with the other guests seated at round dining tables, though the final decision is, of course, yours.  Then comes the difficult bit of who to seat with who...

Special Asian Wedding Tables

The RAAJ is delighted to offer you Asian wedding banqueting tables in the quantities, styles and sizes that you need to make your wedding venue look spectacular.  Your RAAJ consultant will be able to make suggestions and advise what is likely to work best, especially when combined with other wedding essentials such as table centrepieces, cutlery, glassware, wedding crockery, tablecloths and napkins, for instance.  By having that all-encompassing vision of what we want to achieve together, we will turn your ideas into reality to help ensure that your wedding day or Asian corporate event is the magical success you deserve it to be.

Wedding Table Settings The RAAJ

The choice of table hire for Asian weddings and corporate events is very much determined by the size of venue and the number of guests you are expecting.  In the vast majority of cases, round dining tables are used to accommodate the main number of guests, being as this shape of table are generally viewed as being the best for socialising and networking due to the fact that each guest is looking at everyone else on the table.  When you have decided that you want to hire round wedding tables, then the next decision is what size to choose.  

Purple Themed Wedding Table Hire

This is predominantly determined by your number of guests and how many guests you want to seat at each table.  Again, generally speaking, 6ft round dining tables are often used as these can seat up to 10 guests. Once you have a final number of guests, then simply calculate how many round wedding banqueting tables you will need to hire, but also be mindful of the amount of available space in your venue.  The chances are that in the main room in your venue, you are probably going to want to allocate space for a dance floor along with a staging area for your wedding mandap and thrones and other wedding furniture.  Your RAAJ consultant will be delighted to talk through the options with you and help you plan your venue space accordingly due to your requirements, the available space and your planned number of guests.

Blue Themed Wedding Table

Round Wedding Table Hire For Large Asian Weddings & Corporate Events

Once you have decided on the shape, size and quantity of your dining tables for your Asian wedding or corporate event, then you can get creative in terms of table decoration and other decor to style them up according to the overall impression and vision that you have in mind.  The RAAJ are able to offer you a whole range of table decoration items, from coloured tablecloths and napkins through to lazy susans, candelabras and much more in our venue & table decoration section.

Asian Wedding Table Rental The RAAJ

Whilst the most popular shape of wedding dining tables are round banqueting tables, it's true to say that many weddings - whether they are Asian weddings or traditional English weddings - hire rectangular trestle tables in some form or another as they have specific uses at most weddings.

Asian Wedding Table Hire

Top tables - in other words, where the wedding party and family members are traditionally seated at a wedding - are normally rectangular in shape which, when combined with round dining tables, provide the classic wedding furniture arrangement.  For Asian weddings, the bride and groom will typically be seated on a stage at a rectangular table in front of their guests.   Likewise the wedding cake might be placed onto a rectangular table during your wedding reception and party.  Whatever your requirements for rectangular trestle tables, The RAAJ has it covered both in terms of size options and quantities. 

Asian Wedding Table Decoration Hire


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