The range of chair hire for wedding on offer here at The RAAJ is unrivalled, with the various options enabling us to create stunning occasions. 
You can choose from Asian wedding Chiavari chairs, ghost chairs, Cheltenham chairs and others which are available in a variety of different colours. Our classic Chaivari chairs are available in a range of 4 different colours including gold, black, silver and white, and our Cheltenham banqueting chairs come in 5 different colours of natural wood, black, white, gold and silver.  We also offer ghost chairs, light oak cross back chairs hire wedding and even high back wooden chairs in 2 different colours, offering you the ultimate in choice and flexibility for your special day.  Even better, all these chair options are available with your choice of seat pad colour, making it perfectly possible to accessorise your chairs to match your wedding decor and theme.
Ghost Chiavari Chair Hire With Bows
If you have a specific chair design that you want for your signature Asian wedding or corporate event, then please speak to your RAAJ consultant about this.  Many of our chair hire options are available for your viewing pleasure in our Midlands showroom and so please don't hesitate to contact us to arrange a visit at a mutually convenient time.
Asian Wedding Chair Rental The RAAJ

Asian Wedding Chair Hire

Furthermore, with many of our Asian chair hire wedding styles, you can also choose from a range of different seat pad colours, providing you with the ability to tie in your wedding chairs with your event decor and styling.

Ghost Chiavari Chair Hire Asian Weddings

And don't worry when it comes to large quantities of chairs hire wedding - The RAAJ has access to thousands of wedding banqueting chairs of all different types although these are always popular and so it's important to book your chairs and other furniture well in advance which is something you can do with your dedicated RAAJ consultant.rhaps one of the most popular chairs for Asian weddings and corporate events is the classic Chiavari chair.  These Chiavari chairs are characterised by their horizontal batons across the back and vertical batons at the top of the back of the chair.

Chiavari chairs

The RAAJ offers Chiavari chairs in a range of different colours, one of which is sure to suit the styling for your special occasion.  You can choose from antique goldwash Chiavari chairs, limewash Chiavari chairs, silver Chiavari chairs, white Chiavari chairs or black Chiavari chairs to tie in with your event decor.  We also offer a range of 6 different coloured seat pads so you can choose from red, blue, green, gold, black or ivory.

Asian Wedding Chiavari Chair Hire

Chiavari chairs are timeless chair hire for wedding as they are both stylish and comfortable.  The most popular choice for weddings are limewash Chiavari chairs as their neutrality of colour means that they are compatible with most weddings and events. You might also want to consider using our range of chair sashes to further enhance the appearance of your Chiavari chairs to complement your event decor.  One of the most popular colours of Chiavari chairs here at the RAAJ are our gold chiavari chairs which are almost a goldwash antique gold Chiavari chair hire colour, perfect for luxurious and lavish occasions and events.

Asian Wedding Chair Hire The RAAJ

Speak to your RAAJ consultant about what colour and quantities you need for your Chiavari chairs - with thousands of Chiavari chairs in stock, we are sure to be able to assist and provide you with this important element for your wedding or event.

Asian Wedding Chair Rental

Cheltenham chairs

Here at The RAAJ, we are delighted to be able to offer you the complete range of Cheltenham chairs for Asian weddings and corporate events.  These are classic wood frame stacking chairs which are available in a range of 5 different colours including black Cheltenham chairs, white, gold, silver and natural colours.  They are comfortable wedding chairs which also offer stunning style and which provide a superb backdrop for your special occasion which are available in their thousands.

To help complement your wedding or event decor, our Cheltenham chairs come with comfortable seat pads of which you can choose the colour from red, blue, green, gold, black or ivory.  

Cheltenham wedding chairs will also be popular as they are both stylish and comfortable at the same time.  These chairs offer an excellent seating option for your Asian wedding or corporate event and your RAAJ consultant will be delighted to discuss the available options based on your requirements.

High back chairs

Ideal for any dining event including Asian weddings and corporate events are our high back chairs which have solid wood frames and a vertical and horizontal batoned back to provide a professional and stylish look and finish to your wedding furniture.

With these high back chairs, there is no need to have chair covers or sashes as they look stunning just as they are!

Our wooden high backed chairs are available in 2 different styles – natural and black – with both offering you the opportunity to choose your seat pad colour, enabling you to tie these chairs hire wedding into your existing event styling and decor.  You can choose from any of the following seat pad colours – red blue, green, gold, black or ivory.

These high back banqueting chairs are a modern seating option for your Asian wedding or corporate event and your RAAJ consultant will be delighted to discuss your requirements in more detail based on the available options.

Ghost chairs

Our ghost chairs here at The RAAJ are growing in popularity all the time as more and more people are looking for something a little different for their Asian wedding or corporate event.

These modern banqueting chairs are made in polycarbonate and are transparent, but are also rigid and robust.  If you want to make a statement at your contemporary Asian wedding or corporate event, then these ghost chairs could well be the perfect fit.  Available in their hundreds, large quantities are no problem for the team at The RAAJ, where your consultant will be delighted to discuss all the possible options with you based on your requirements.

Rent Wedding Chairs In Large Quantities

The choice of chairs hire wedding that you make for your special occasion can often be a relatively simple one.  What wedding venue vision do you have in mind?  Are you aiming for super-chic or more traditional?  Your chair hire for wedding, in part, be determined by your wedding venue in that they may already have chairs for you to use - however, are these the design, colour and quality chairs that you have in mind for your signature wedding.

Asian Wedding Chiavari Chairs

Huge Range Of Wedding Chair Hire

Here at The RAAJ, we aim to provide you with as wide a range of choice as possible, and we are proud to bring you perhaps the largest selection of chair hire wedding in the country. To start with, we offer Chiavari chair hire for wedding which are the classic wedding chair and always incredibly popular, especially the limewash Chiavari chairs and our gold chiavari chairs.  These colours in particular provide brides and grooms with the ability to tie in their chair hire with other pieces of furniture such as the wedding mandap and the table linen, for instance.  

We have thousands of Chiavari chairs in stock in the various different colours we offer, with your choice enhanced further by the fact that you can also hire Chiavari chairs with your choice of seat pad from the range on offer.  Likewise, we have Cheltenham chairs which are also fabulous banqueting chairs, and again available in a variety of different colours, which are styled slightly differently to Chiavari chairs, but likewise available with your choice of seat pad colour.  Chiavari chairs and Cheltenham chairs are two examples of modern banqueting chairs for hire which provide a stunning piece of furniture hire for Asian weddings and other banqueting events.

Traditional & Modern Asian Wedding Chair Hire

If you are looking for contemporary and modern chair hire for weddings, then why not consider our wooden banqueting chairs with high backs along with our ghost chairs which are also sometimes known as ice chairs.  Whatever your requirements, you are sure to find what you need in conjunction with your RAAJ consultant.  The starting point is likely to be how many guests you are inviting to your Asian wedding as this is the number of chairs that you will need for your special occasion.  The RAAJ will take care of everything, including delivering the chairs to your venue before the wedding day and then collecting them after the event.  We also offer a set-up service where we can layout the chairs to a pre-determined plan at your venue which again is something that you can discuss with your RAAJ consultant in the planning process.

Louis Chair Hire For Asian Weddings

Asian chair hire for wedding has never been simpler and with The RAAJ, you can choose from the complete range of Indian chair hire wedding products to suit your own very special occasion.  We understand that it's not always a case of one design suits all, as each and every wedding and corporate event that we work with has different requirements, tastes and budgets.  Why not visit us in our stunning showroom in the Midlands to view the chair hire, furniture hire and all other elements of your Asian wedding first-hand.  After all, there's nothing quite like feeling, touching and sitting on the chairs that you are thinking of hiring for your wedding, for your own peace of mind.  Come in for a coffee, a chat and a look round our beautiful facility where you can talk in comfort with a RAAJ consultant who will be able to guide you through the process.

The RAAJ is delighted to be able to offer you a fabulous range of banqueting chairs and covers, along with the bows, ties and sashes, to make your event venue look stunning.  We have a wide range of different colours available in stretch chair covers to create a superb visual effect as they will complement your planned event decor..  Your RAAJ consultant will be able to discuss all the various options with you based on your requirements, and you might also want to accessorise your banqueting chairs and chair covers with our range of coloured sashes to perfectly complement your event decor and styling.

Banqueting chair hire and covers from The RAAJ is a facility for you to hire cushioned banqueting chairs hire wedding which, by themselves, are great chairs hire wedding although different from classical wedding Chiavari chairs or Cheltehham chairs.  These banqueting chairs are cushioned both on the seat and on the back and are metal framed as opposed to wooden framed.  And you can then dress them up with chair covers, bows and ties to complete the look that you want to achieve.

Metal Framed Banqueting Chair Hire Or Wooden Framed Chiavari Chairs

Chair hire is one of those considerations which can be a little confusing.  It might be that your venue has told you that they will provide you with chairs for your wedding as part of the price they are charging.  This is great....assuming that you like the chairs and that they also have enough to accommodate all your guests.  Many couples being offered venue chair hire find that they don't particularly like the chairs being provided.  If this is the case, then there are a number of options.  You can either live with the style and colour, or you could hire chair covers from a company such as The RAAJ to dress up the chairs.  

In the event that your venue is not offering you the chairs or other furniture hire, then it's a much easier decision as you can hire chairs hire wedding such as Chiavari chairs from The RAAJ or, indeed, any other design of chair we have, or you can hire these banqueting chairs with covers.  It just depends upon the picture you have in mind of your wedding venue.  Whilst in theory you could hire Chiavari chairs and then cover them, this wouldn't necessarily make much sense, as wooden wedding chairs such as Chiavari chair hire and Cheltenham wedding chair hire are available in different colours and with interchangeable seat pads and so by their very nature are designed so that they don't need to be covered.  It might of course be that you want to hire Chiavari chairs, for example, but do use a ribbon tie, sash or bow on the back of your chairs to decorate your chairs and complement your overall vision - in which case, this is fine.  However, our banqueting chairs and covers hire products are here to provide you with the complete range of choice.

It might be a good idea for your to discuss the various chair hire options with your RAAJ consultant who will be able to show the various options in person so you can make the best informed decision based on your requirements.  And don't worry about quantities - we have one of the most comprehensive chair hire for wedding ranges available in the UK at your disposal.

There's little doubt that limewash Chiavari chairs are the most popular for all types of weddings, whether this is Asian weddings or traditional English white weddings.  This is probably as a result of the neutral colour which limewash wedding chair such as limewash Chiavari chairs have, meaning that whatever the colour scheme and event decor you are choosing or that is already in place, the chances are that the limewash colour will complement it rather than contrast against it.  

Fortunately, The RAAJ has thousands of Chiavari chairs in limewash colour available for hire, and believe it or not, the are usually all out on hire throughout the year.  Demand across the country for limewash Chiavari chairs is amazing and so it's important to ensure that we have the quantities of limewash Chiavari chairs available at any one time.

The RAAJ Chiavari Chair Hire

Asian Wedding Chiavari Chairs For Hire For Asian Weddings

Quality of your Chiavari chairs is also of paramount importance and we do this by making sure that we only use top quality Chiavari chairs which undergo regular maintenance and resprays.  Your wedding day is probably the most important day of your life and you want it to be remembered for all the RIGHT reasons, not because of the fact that you Chiavari chairs looked worn. Here at The RAAJ we have strict quality control standards.  If it doesn't match our expectations, then it won't match and exceed your expectations.  Rest assured that we are working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that whatever colour of wedding Chiavari chair hire you need, we will provide you with the best quality chair hire and furniture hire products in the industry.

Chiavari Chair Hire For Asian Weddings From The RAAJ

At the same time, white chiavari chairs are also becoming increasingly popular for Asian weddings, again no doubt due to their neutral colour.  The wonderful thing about not just white Chiavari chairs but in fact all the various colours of Chiavari chairs that we offer is the fact that because the seat pad colours are interchangeable, then this gives you complete flexibility and choice when it comes to your chair styling.  It might be, for example, that you have a white mandap which forms the centrepiece of your wedding occasion and you are following a white theme in terms of the drapes, tablecloths, linen, napkins and other furniture and venue decoration and you will naturally want to hire white wedding chairs.  The fact that you can choose your seat pad colour, however, provides you with that unique oppoortunity to add a splash of colour to your wedding chairs, to complement your other event decor.  You might choose gold seat pads, burgundy seat pads or even black seat pads - whatever choice you make, you can rest assured that The RAAJ team are here to make your life simple and straightforward.

Gold Chiavari Wedding Chair Hire The RAAJ

Gold Chiavari Chair Hire Is Always Popular

We also offer gold Chiavari chairs which are incredibly popular for Asian weddings and corporate events.  By their very nature, Asian weddings are beautiful and lavish occasions and so the natural choice for many is to reflect this with antique goldwash gold chiavari chair hire, enhanced even further by the fact that you can choose your complementing seat pad.  The fact that you can also hire gold wedding thrones from The RAAJ means that your gold banqueting chairs tie in with your wedding thrones and other wedding furniture, offering you the very best majestic furniture for your Asian wedding.

Completing our range of Chiavari chairs are our silver Chiavari wedding chairs and our black Chiavari weddings chairs, all of which are available in their hundreds, providing us with the opportunity to supply Chiavari chair hire to couples up and down the country simultaneously.  Choice is everything when it comes to your special day and here at The RAAJ, we aim to provide you with the very best range and quality and, in the event that we don't have what you have in mind within our existing range, we can usually source the items that you need to create your signature wedding or corporate event.

Our range of Chiavari chairs are the perfect Asian wedding banqueting chairs and so there's no need to tell you that they fit perfectly around round dining tables and rectangular wedding top tables, achieving the classic wedding look.

We are here to work together with you to deliver your perfect Asian wedding day and one that will live long in the memory.

When it comes to Asian chair hire wedding, few companies are able to compete with The RAAJ on range and quality.  As you can see above, we offer different types of Cheltenham chairs which are always popular for Asian weddings and also traditional English weddings as a whole.  They are both comfortable and stylish and available in their thousands, and so quantities of chair hire products is rarely an issue for us.

Asian Wedding Banqueting Chair Hire In The Quantities You Need

For Asian weddings and corporate events, our gold Cheltenham chairs are the most popular.  This is no doubt due to the fact that the colour gold represents warmth, wealth, luxury and style and these are the essential ingredients for any successful wedding.  At an Asian wedding, for instance, it might be that you have a gold mandap, gold thrones and other furniture sitting beneath the mandap on the stage, and you might even have gold wedding cutlery and gold rimmed crockery and glassware, all of which is available from The RAAJ.  If this is the case, then our gold wedding chairs are the natural choice, especially when you consider that you can accessorise your chairs with your colour of seat pad, enabling you to further tie in your chair hire with your event decor and styling.

Hire Asian Wedding Chairs The RAAJ

Likewise, our silver wedding chairs and natural wedding chairs provide chair options which are neutral in colour and so complement most wedding and event decor, providing you with superb choice and flexibility.  As always, bear in mind that it's important to make sure that you hire quality chair hire for weddings, and this is something that of course here at The RAAJ we pay particular attention to.  On the most important day of your life, you want your Asian wedding to be remembered for all the right reasons and, in order to achieve this, together we need to ensure that everything is perfect, from the venue styling right through to the furniture hire and chair hire products.  We achieve this by having extremely tight quality control standards which ensure that our brides and grooms receive only the best quality chair hire products, whatever colour you choose.

Your RAAJ consultant will be delighted to talk through the various chair hire options available here at The RAAJ - just let us know your preference when it comes to style, colour and seat pad choice and we will take care of the rest.

Our high back chairs are nothing short of spectacular when on location at an Asian wedding venue.  They add something dynamic to your furniture hire options, with The RAAJ offering the complete choice of chairs hire of wedding and banqueting chair for your special occasion.  Whilst gold Chiavari chairs, limewash Chiavari chairs and gold Cheltenham chairs are, without doubt, the most popular Asian wedding chairs, we always aim to provide you with the ultimate in choice and flexibility.

Contemporary Asian Wedding Chair Hire From The RAAJ

Perhaps the main feature of the high back chairs is the distinctive pattern on the back of the chair which gives a different and look and feel to your wedding furniture.  At the same time, the natural high back chair option means that the neutral colour will complement almost any existing event decor and styling, whilst the black chair hire option is also available for something even more different.  Depending upon which chair hire option you choose, also bear in mind that you can customise your seat pads to complement or contrast with the colours that you already have planned for your Asian wedding.

Your choice of Asian chair hire wedding is important as with the amount of guests you are no doubt inviting to your Asian wedding or corporate event, there are going to be hundreds of these chairs at your venue so you want to get it right.  Top quality furniture hire goes a long way to help create the right ambience and visual impact of your Asian wedding.  And, at the same time, whilst you want your chairs hire for wedding to look fantastic, they also need to be comfortable, and this is exactly what these high back Asian chair hire wedding provide from The RAAJ.  Remember, your guests will be sitting down on these chairs during the banquet and party, and so their robustness is also an important consideration.

We have these high back chairs hire wedding available in their hundreds and your RAAJ consultant will be happy to discuss the availability and pricing options for you based on your specific requirements.

Hire Ghost Chairs For Asian Weddings

The world of Asian wedding event design is incredible, with lavish occasions taking place up and down the country throughout the year.  Depending upon the styling preferences of the bride and groom, you can find anything from traditional to cutting edge modern Asian weddings.  One of the pieces of furniture that is ideal for contemporary Asian weddings are our ghost chairs which are transparent, see-through chairs which provide a real talking point at your special occasion.

Modern Asian Wedding Chair Hire For Spectacular Occasions

Chair hire for wedding come in many different designs and forms, including Chiavari wedding chairs, Cheltenham chairs, high back banqueting chairs and some wedding chairs can also complete with customised chair covers depending upon your preference.  Ultimately, it comes down to the vision that the bride and groom have for their special day, but rest assured that ghost chair wedding really do help to make an event super-unique.  Unlike their other chair hire counterparts, ghost chairs don't come with seat pads - so, whilst still being comfortable, you also need to bear this in mind as to how long you are asking people to be seated at your wedding or event.  Again, each event is different, so whether these modern banqueting chairs are suitable for you and your special occasion is ultimately down to you.

The RAAJ has ghost chairs available in their hundreds unlike many other wedding supply companies, and your RAAJ consultant will be happy to discuss all the options with you.

Your choice of Asian wedding furniture hire may be one that you have control over one that maybe - to a certain extent - you don't.  For instance, if you you have a specific venue in mind where you want your Asian wedding to take place, then it may be the case that the venue has chairs, tables, bars and other essential wedding furniture that come as part of the package.  If this is the case, then great, although for some people, the furniture provided as part of the package is sometimes not to their taste in terms of the colour, styling or quality.  If this is the case, then you could perhaps use chair cover hire from The RAAJ to cover your banqueting chairs and then use tablecloths to cover the tables.  If this still doesn't provide what you want, then you could look at extra furniture hire from The RAAJ and simply - for the duration of your wedding - replace the venue's wedding furniture for hire furniture that you really want.  A classic example of this for Asian weddings is the chairs.  Many venues come with old fashioned cushioned banqueting chairs that are neither elegant nor sleek.  Many brides and grooms prefer modern banqueting and wedding chairs such as gold chiavari chairs, limewash Chiavari chairs or others, for instance, which can be customised with their choice of seat pad.

Asian Wedding Furniture Hire

If you are planning a marquee wedding or have selected a venue which doesn't provide furniture as part of the package (in other words, just the hall or room hire), then you can really go to town on your choice of wedding furniture hire from The RAAJ.  And don't be worried about quantities - we have thousands of chairs, tables and other items of furniture hire in stock throughout the year, with our clients pulling on these across the country.

Wedding furniture can come in many different forms and it is this range of equipment that we offer here at The RAAJ.  Asian wedding furniture hire isn't just banqueting chair hire and table hire, it's much more than this.  For instance, you might want to consider temporary mobile bar hire and dance floor hire, both of which are available in a variety of different forms such as chequered dance floors, video and LED dance floor hire, LED bars, cocktail bars and traditional wooden bars, satisfying the needs of all couples, whether you want a modern and contemporary wedding style or a more traditional one.

Your RAAJ consusltant is an expert in providing you with a detailed quote based on your requirements.  The quantities of furniture hire that you will need for your Asian wedding is very much determined by the number of guests you are expecting and so this is the start point.  At the same time, you might want to consider the available space you have at your venue and also the table seating plan that you want to implement.  For instance, are you planning to have your guests sitting around round banqueting tables?  If so, how many per table?  By doing this and trying to visualise in your head how the wedding will look will help tremendously in the planning process.

Tie In Your Furniture Hire With Your Event Decor & Styling

Furniture hire by the RAAJ is simple.  Together we will determine your requirements and then we'll decide on the styling that you want to achieve.  For instance, if you are planning your colour scheme around gold such as a gold mandap, gold wedding thrones, gold cutlery and so on, then you might want to consider gold chiavari chair hire or gold Cheltenham chair hire, both of which are available in quantity here at The RAAJ.  Likewise, your mandap might be more of a subtle limewash colour, and so why not match this up with limewash Chiavari chairs, ivory tablecloths and napkins, for instance.  We have a huge range of furniture hire products available for you to view in our showroom so juist arrange a visit with your RAAJ consultant who may also be able to set up a sample area for you using the furniture hire products that you have selected.

Asian wedding thrones are another important element of furniture hire, and our thrones for hire are beautiful, ornate pieces which are perfectly suited to Indian weddings.  Choose your throne hire carefully as these will often form the centrepiece of many wedding ceremonies underneath the mandap.  

Whatever Indian wedding furniture hire you need for your special occasion, your RAAJ consultant will be delighted to assist you. 


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