Depending upon the type of Asian wedding or corporate event, The RAAJ offers a range of temporary event mobile bar hire to suit all occasions and individual preferences.

All our hire a bar for a wedding are modular, meaning that you can hire either a single unit or combine several units to customise the shape and size of your wedding or event bar.  For example, with straight and curved bar units you can produce either straight line bars, oval bars or circular bars, or even straight bars with curves at each end.

You can choose from our LED bars, cocktail bars which are stainless steel with downlights, gold mirror bars or our selection of wooden bars, all of which are available in quantity.

Our bars units are exactly that – bar units which we can set up for you to run a bar.  If you would prefer The RAAJ to provide a licensed bar along with the staff, drinks and everything else you need, then speak to your RAAJ consultant about this who is likely to be able to assist you.

LED Bars

Our range of LED bars are available in both straight and curved sections. They have a white perspex frontage which makes them ideal for the daytime wedding or event proceedings, and come the evening you can turn on the internal LED light box to create a stunning focal point.  The lights can be set to rotate through 4 different colours of red, purple, green and yellow, or alternatively set to a single colour, depending upon your preference.

LED bars from The RAAJ really do provide that wonderful backdrop to any wedding or event, and your RAAJ consultant will be delighted to explore all the options with you based on your specific requirements.

Cocktail bars

If you are looking for a super-stylish temporary bar, for your Asian wedding or corporate event, then cocktail bars from The RAAJ provide the ultimate solution.  These top quality, professional stainless steel bar units are available in straight and curved sections, enabling you to create the cocktail bar of your choice – straight cocktail bars, oval cocktail bars and round cocktail bars are all possible and look stunning. 

The high gloss stainless steel bar frontages have in stylish in-built white downlighters which really set off the bar to its very best at your Asian wedding or corporate event, and it also even has a kick bar running around the base of the bar.  As for the back bar, there is space for under-counter bottle fridges along with shelves for glasses and spirits and even mirrored back bar units if required, which is something that can be discussed with your RAAJ consultant.

Gold mobile bars

Here at The RAAJ, we're delighted to be able to offer you a range of different gold mobile bars which really do provide a stunning focal point for your wedding or corporate event.  Gold is a colour of luxury, style and sophistication, perfectly complementing your existing decor and other wedding furniture, for example.

The bar area at many weddings and events is a key area that you want to get right, and you'll want to make this area warm and welcoming so that your guests can socialise in comfort.  Hiring a gold mobile bar from The RAAJ provides with a stunning feature for your wedding venue which is sure to be a real talking point for your guests.

Finding a temporary gold event bar is not easy, but you are in the right place here at The RAAJ.  Exuding style and luxury, our gold bars are available in different styles according to your requirements and also in the size you need.  The bars are modular, meaning that they are comprised of individual straight and cuved units, so the larger the wedding, the larger the bar you will need, which can be accommodated here at The RAAJ.

We are here to provide you with a seamless service when it comes to your Asian wedding equipment, and so speak to one of our RAAJ consultants today.

Wooden bars

Traditional bars are available from The RAAJ in different styles.  You can choose from a traditional ale house style bar, mirrored-panel wooden bars or simple portable bars which fold out into wooden bar units.  This flexibility is designed to provide you with the very best in terms of choice and styling.  These temporary mobile bar units are available in quantity and delivered directly to your event or wedding venue.

Your RAAJ consultant will be delighted to discuss all the available options with you based on your specific requirements.

Rent Temporary Bars For Asian Weddings

For many weddings and special occasion events, the bar forms the focal point and centrepiece of the evening party and celebration.  Done well, it is the place where people congregate and mingle, socialising over a beer or a long drink well into the evening, enjoying and soaking up the ambience and atmosphere.  Certain venues, naturally, have a bar in-situ which you can make use of.  Others, however, don't have a bar facility such as wedding marquees and other temporary wedding structures and so The RAAJ offers mobile bars to cater for this eventuality.

Asian Wedding Temporary Bar Rental

Mobile Bar Hire For Asian Weddings & Corporate Events

And it wouldn't be The RAAJ if we were to just offer you a single temporary mobile bar hire design.  After all, the objective of the team here is to provide you with as much choice as possible for all our different service elements.  As a result, depending upon the type of wedding or event that you are organising, we offer different mobile bars to fit the bill.  For instance, if you want to hire a temporary bar which is sleek and understated during the day time event but then which comes to life in the evening, then you might want to consider our mobile LED bars.  These LED bars come in modular units, either straights or curves, allowing you to create a mobile bar of the size and shape you need for your signature wedding.  Come the evening, these modern wedding bars illuminate with small LED lights set behind the front panel to really provide the disco and party ambience.

By the same token, we also offer professional cocktail bar units which are sleek and stylish, with a modern chrome finish to stand out from the crowd.  And likewise, we complete the set with traditional wooden bars which are perfectly suited to more traditional weddings and events.

It might be that you are looking not only for the mobile bar units but also for a fully staffed and licensed bar to be run by The RAAJ on your premises for your wedding event.  If this is the case, then this is certainly something that we can offer depending upon availability and is certainly something that can be explored with your RAAJ consultant.

And finally, of course, don't forget the all important glassware to accompany your bar - we have the whole range of wine glasses, champagne flutes, beer glasses and much more here at The RAAJ so we'll be delighted to assist.

For many weddings, the bar area is one of the most important places in the venue.  This is because it is a natural meeting point and convening point for your guests.  Not only do you want to ensure that your temporary bar area is warm and welcoming, but you also need to ensure that it is an efficient bar, as the last thing you want is for your guests to be in a long queue at your wedding, waiting to get served at the bar.

Type & Size Of LED Bar Hire Is Important For Your Asian Wedding

As a result, you should pay attention to the type of mobile bar that you prefer and also the size.  Here at The RAAJ, we offer a range of different bar types including these illuminated LED mobile bars which really do look fabulous, especially when the lights go down for the evening party.  During the day, the frontage of the bar units are white perspex - however, when the lights go down at your venue, you can choose to have your bar illuminated with a particular colour, or you can choose to have the lights rotating through 4 different colours, at which point it really does become a talking point and focal point for your Asian wedding.  

At the same time, have a think about the number of guests you are expecting and make sure that you hire a mobile bar which is big enough to comfortably accommodate all your guests.  Whilst there are no hard and fast rules as to how big your bar needs to be, a single bar unit might be sufficient for around 50 guests, so why not use this as a yardstick.  Of course, the more guests attending your Asian wedding or corporate event, then the larger your temporary bar needs to be.  Your RAAJ consultant will be able to advise you on this if you need it.

Asian wedding LED bar hire is always popular and so try to get your order placed as far in advance as possible.  

Temporary event bars are the ideal solution for your bar area at your Asian wedding or corporate event.  It's really important to ensure that you have a professional bar in-situ being as the bar area is the place where most people congregate at a wedding party or corporate event.  The bar itself needs to be welcoming and professional and well as being large enough to accommodate the demands of all your guests - in other words, it needs to be efficient.

Professional Temporary Cocktail Bar Hire For Your Asian Wedding Or Corporate Event

The RAAJ has a range of mobile bars, of which our cocktail bars are one of the most popular.  The starting point for many brides and grooms is the number of guests on their list.  Naturally, the more guests there are, the larger the actual bar needs to be.  The size of a temporary bar for 200 guests will be significantly different than a wedding bar for 1,000 guests.  Your RAAJ consultant will be able to advise on the appropriate size of bar for your event which may also be influenced by the available space at your venue.

And that's not where it ends.  All good bars need accessories such as bottle fridges, champagne buckets, ice buckets, glassware of all different styles and sizes such as champagne flutes, wine glasses, shot glasses and beer glasses, all of which are available from The RAAJ.

If you are looking to hire a wooden wedding bar, then you are in the right place here at The RAAJ, and this is exactly why we offer you as full a range as possible.  We hire LED bars and also hire cocktail bars, but these wooden bars complete the range nicely, providing choice for everyone.  Ultimately, you need your bar to be large enough to cater for the number of guests you have invited - that is the primary aim.  Yes, of course you want it to look the part, but first of all, allocate an area within your wedding venue where the mobile bar will be located and then leave sufficient space around it, as you know that the bar area is the most popular place for your guests to congregate during the evening party.

Mobile Bar Hire Available In Many Different Styles

Our wooden bars for hire come in a variety of different forms, but rest assured that we will be able to work with the quantities you need.  All our mobile bar units are designed to fit together so that whether you need to hire a single unit or ten bar units, we will be able to assist.  Just speak to your RAAJ consultant about the various options available, and together you'll be able to work your mobile bar into your planning vision so it enhances your wedding venue and adds to the overall ambience and atmosphere your professional wedding planning will generate.


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