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Our asian wedding jewellery hire designers have no limits. RAAJ jewellery is expertly crafted and created with great care, attention to detail and using the finest of crystals or gemstones, depending upon your specific requirements.

Simply discuss your concept with your RAAJ consultant who will be delighted to discuss all the available options based on your own individual personal styling, metal and gemstone preferences and budget. 

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Asian bridal jewellery follows the same principle and ethos of many Asian weddings in that it is often lavish, ornate and extraordinary.  Generally speaking, gold bridal jewellery is most popular, being available in a number of different styles, some of which are specific to the Indian and Asian cultures and other designs that are more generic.

The term 'jewellery' can encompass many different elements, namely rings, necklaces and pendants, bangles and bracelets and headpieces.  The chances are that as an Asian bride, you are looking to buy matching bridal jewellery so looking for a bridal jewellery set, to adorn you and your wedding outfit on your special day.  This is something that The RAAJ can offer you, working with some of the leading Asian bridal jewellers in Birmingham, London, Manchester and Leeds to bring you precious metal bridal jewellery to suit your taste.

The Complete Range Of Asian Bridal Jewellery At The RAAJ

It might be that you are open to suggestions in terms of which designs are available to you or you might have seen something you like on the TV, in a magazine or on social media, for example.  A discussion with your RAAJ consultant about bridal jewellery and you'll no doubt be able to source what you need right here at The RAAJ.

If we look at the various types of Asian wedding jewellery, you have necklaces and pendants which are often made in antique gold, gold effect or even silver, and available in a variety of designs such as multi-strand necklaces, rani haar, crystal or diamante necklaces and even set with pearls, for example.  Precious metal jewellery such as necklaces made in 18kt yellow gold or 18kt white gold and set with diamonds or other precious and semi-precious gemstones will be the most expensive, although the quality and finish of costume jewellery today is excellent and something that you might also want to consider.  However, there's sometimes no substitute for the deal thing in terms of quality, finish and appearance, making you feel very, very special.  You often find matching necklace and earring sets available in the bridal jewellery market and this is something that we can offer.

When it comes to bridal headpieces, then you might want to consider tikka, jummar, shingar patti and tiaras to ehnace your look on your special day, and likewise you could consider hand accessories such as bracelets, bhai, kaleeray, chura and bangles made in gold and silver as just a few examples of the range available in the Asian bridal jewellery market.  And don't forget your earrings which could be diamond stud earrings, drop earrings or chandelier earrings which are more ornate and intricate in design, completing the look you want to achieve.

Platinum & Gold Weddings Rings For Your Special Day & Beyond

Of course, it might be that as a couple, you also want to buy wedding rings which you will wear for the rest of your married life and, again, The RAAJ can help, working with some prestigious wedding ring specialists to bring you hallmarked platinum and gold wedding rings in a variety of different designs and widths, and made to measure for your finger.  These wedding rings can also be inset with diamonds if you so wish, and customised with engraving or patterns depending upon your preference, to make your wedding rings unique and special to you as a couple.

Whatever your Asian jewellery requirements, your RAAJ consultant will be delighted to explore all the options with you.




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