Dance Floors

The RAAJ offers you a variety of different dance floors, available in different styles which can be customised to your exact requirements.  All our dance floors are constructed from interlocking panels, with no tools or screws required.

Of course, the actual size of your dance floor will be determined by both the number of guests attending your wedding and the available space in your venue or marquee.

Choose from black and white chequered dance floors, white dance floors, wooden parquet dance floors, LED dance floors and video dance floors for your Asian wedding or corporate event which are sure to look stunning in your venue.  Simply discuss the available options with your RAAJ consultant who will be delighted to assist.

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LED Dance Floors

LED dance floor hire - We provide LED dance floors available in either black or white, provide an exceptional area on which your guests can dance the night away.

Dance Floors

LED Dance Floors

Chequered Dance Floors

Chequered dance floor hire - Customise the size of your black and white dance floor for your signature Asian wedding or corporate event from The RAAJ team.

Chequered Dance Floors

Chequered Dance Floors

White Dance Floors

White dance floor hire - Perfect for Asian weddings and themed corporate events, white dance floors are available from The RAAJ for your venue or marquee.

White Dance Floors

White Dance Floors

Wooden Dance Floors

Wooden dance floor hire - Choose a wooden dance floor for your Asian wedding or corporate event from The RAAJ.

Wooden Dance Floor

All the best parties, weddings and special events and occasions have a dance fllor for their guests to dance the night away.  Some venues will allocate some floor space and simply use this area as a dance floor - however, nothing quite beats a proper wedding dance floor which not only really looks the part in your venue but which also encourages your guests to dance in the evening, adding to the overall ambience, vibe and experience.

A wedding dance floor is something that needs to be set up in advance at your venue, whether this be a temporary marquee Asian wedding or in a hotel or other similar venue, for example.  Very much in the same way that your staging area, mandap, tables, chairs and other furniture hire pieces need to be set up in advance, your dance floor will take time to assemble and, of course, the larger dance floors will take longer to assemble than smaller dance floors.  The main thing in your planning process is to ensure that you have allocated the right amount of space for all the various furniture components of your wedding.  With this in mind, therefore, it might be advisable to obtain the dimensions of the room at the venue where you want to house the banqueting and party - this will be a useful starting point.  Then allocate space for the stage, the dance floor and the banqueting tables and chairs.  Do you have enough space?  If yes, then great.  If not, then there's a few course of action - reduce the number of guests, reduce the staging area or reduce the dance floor area, none of which are particularly attractive propositions, assuming you don't want to change the venue!  Working in conjunction with your RAAJ consultant, and working with The RAAJ to provide all the various components of your wedding, means that you will have single overview of how the wedding planning is coming together, and also an expert eye on potential pitfalls before they happen, based on our extensive experience.

Modern & Contemporary Wedding Dance Floor Hire

The great thing about dance flloor hire from The RAAJ is that it can almost be whatever size you want.  This is because the dance floor is comprised of manageable interlocking pieces and so if you need a slightly larger or smaller dance floor, then this will be possible.  The main considerations with dancefloor hire is how big you need it to be, what design you want it to be and also the surface onto which you are planning to lay the dance floor.  This is particuarly important when you are holding your Asian wedding in a marquee which are often standing on a grass surface. The surface has to be hard and it needs to be flat, otherwise this will damage the dance floor panels and it will become unsafe.  Your RAAJ consultant will be able to advise you on this.

Here at The RAAJ, we offer a number of different dance floor hire designs, one of which is sure to suit your requirements.  Our chequered black and white dance floors are one of the most popular styles along with our LED dance floors with small LED lights in-built into the dance floor panels.  At the same time, we also offer more traditional wedding dance floor hire products such as white dance floors and wooden dance floors and - if you are going ultra-modern - then our video dance floors look spectacular for Asian weddings and corporate events.  Especially with the LED dance floors, many couples decide to display their wedding cake on a small table on the table in the middle of the dance floor with their lighting helping to highlight the cake to make it a standout centrepiece during the banqueting part of their wedding occasion.  And finally, rest assured that Asian wedding dance floor hire from The RAAJ is accessible for all, as even though our assembled dance floors are slightly raised off the ground, the external perimeter of the dance floor has a sloping aluminium strip so that it is wheelchair accessible.

Asian wedding dancefloor hire is something that is available to you from The RAAJ but always make sure that you order it in the early stages of your wedding planning as our dance floors are hugely popular across the country.

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