The RAAJ offers a wide range of luxury table linen hire products to enhance your table settings and the overall appearance of the banqueting tables and chairs in your wedding or event venue.

All our linen products are machine washed, checked, professionally pressed and then packed to ensure that they arrive in pristine condition for use at your chosen venue.  We offer tablecloths and napkins in a variety of different colours along with chair covers and chair sashes which can spectacularly transform an occasion and help to co-ordinate the various elements of your special occasion.

You may have something specific in mind when it comes to your tablecloths and napkins that you have perhaps seen on social media or in a wedding magazine.  If this is the case, then why not visit our showroom to look through our ranges in person and discuss your requirements with one of our RAAJ consultants.  Simply call us today to arrange your visit at a mutually convenient time.

Asian Wedding Linen Hire

Beautiful linen is an essential part of any wedding table linen set-up and your RAAJ consultant will be delighted to explore all the available options based on your specific requirements in terms of numbers, styling, colours and quantities. 


The RAAJ offers a range of tablecloths in different sizes and in different colours for your Asian wedding or event venue.

Your choice of tablecloth size will depend upon the size of banqueting tables you have.  You can choose from white, ivory, red, green, burgundy or blue.  If you have a specific colour in mind, then speak to your RAAJ consultant who is likely to be able to meet your specific requirements.  Here at The RAAJ, because we offer both round banqueting tables and rectangular dining tables, we offer the following sizes of tablecloths below to match these table sizes.

108” round tablecloths suit 5ft round dining tables, with a 6” drop to the floor.
118” round tablecloths suit 5ft round dining tables, to the floor.

118” round tablecloths suit 6ft round dining tables, with a 6” drop to the floor.
132” round tablecloths suit 6ft round dining tables, to the floor.

132" round tablecloths suit 7ft round dining tables, with a 2" drop to the floor.

70 x 108” rectangular tablecloths suit 6ft rectangular dining tables.

70 x 144” rectangular tablecloths suit 8ft rectangular dining tables.

Below are just a few of the tablecloth colours that we offer, from traditional white through to red, burgundy and blue.  If you have a specific colour of tablecloth that you want, please discuss this with your RAAJ consultant as they are sure to be able to assist.

Asian Wedding Tablecloth Hire


The RAAJ offers the full spectrum of colours when it comes to choosing your table napkins including white, ivory, red, green, burgundy and blue, or - if you have a different colour in mind – then simply discuss this with your RAAJ consultant who is likely to be able to assist.

You may want to co-ordinate your napkins with your tablecloths and perhaps the colour of your chair covers, or alternatively contrast the colours entirely.  Whatever your colour preferences, we are sure to be able to assist.

Asian Weddings Tablecloth Hire

Chair covers

Here at The RAAJ we are delighted to be able to offer you a range of chair covers in different colours, including white, ivory, red, burgundy, green and blue.  However, if you have a specific requirement for a different colour to match up with the colour scheme you have in mind, please don’t hesitate to contact your RAAJ consultant who will no doubt be able to assist you.

Asian Wedding Tablecloth Rental

Chair sashes

If you are looking to accessorise your chairs and chair covers for your Asian wedding or themed corporate event, then you might want to consider our chair sashes and bows.  These really do look fantastic and are available in a range of different colours so that you can match up with your chair covers, napkins and tablecloths, or mix and match in contrasting colours.  You can choose your chair sash colour from white, ivory, red, green, blue or burgundy.

Asian Wedding Chair Ties

Your RAAJ consultant will be delighted to discuss all the available options with you based on your event design, decor styling and colour requirements.

Linen Hire For Asian Wedding Tables

The quality and your choice of wedding table linen hire for your Asian or Indian wedding is very important as it provides you with an excellent opportunity to tie in your tables and chairs with the rest of your event decor and styling.  For example, it might be that you have a gold and red theme, so maybe you have hired a gold coloured wedding mandap and gold Chiavari chairs but then you want to hire red tablecloths and red napkins, or maybe burgundy tablecloths and gold napkins.  

Asian Wedding Linen Rental The RAAJ

Whatever your styling choice, the flexibility of range on offer here The RAAJ is most likely to be able to provide what you are looking for.

Linen Hire The RAAJ

Wedding Tablecloths & Napkins To Create Stunning Visual Impact

In the grand scheme of things, despite tablecloths and napkins being a relatively minor consideration, it's worth spending the time on getting the best quality linen, as ultimately a tablecloth lays the foundation onto which the rest of your table settings and decoration is built.  Many typical weddings use ivory tablecloths and napkins, although in the Asian and Indian wedding market, there is a growing tendency towards having darker coloured tablecloths such as deep gold, navy blue or even black tablecloths which are certainly dramatic and especially when you are hiring stainless steel cutlery, for example, these polished items really do stand out against the darker backdrop.  In terms of the quality of your tablecloths and napkins, ensure that you not only get the right size and right colour, but also that you hire the best quality linen - you need it to arrive freshly washed, checked, pressed and packaged ready for your wedding tables, and this is exactly what The RAAJ provides with our wedding linen hire service.

Linen Rental The RAAJ

But Linen Hire Is Not Just Tablecloths & Napkins...

Linen hire is quite a generic term in a wedding context, meaning not only tablecloths and napkins, but also chair covers, bows and chair ties.  It muight be that your venue already has banqueting chairs and they have included these in the price of the venue hire for you, but you don't necessarily like the colour or the style of them. This is where chair covers and bows come into their own, as these provide you with coloured chair cover options which help you tie in the colour of your chairs with your event decor at a relatively small price.  Many chair covers today are the stretch cover variety and so are able to fit most chair designs.  Of course, if you hiring classic wedding chairs such as Chiavari chairs or Cheltenham chairs from The RAAJ, then you won't need to use this option, but it's there to cover most eventualities for you.

Asian Wedding Linen Hire The RAAJ

Simply speak to your RAAJ consultant who will be able to explore all the linen hire options for you for your special occasion - we have a range of both classic colours and sizes and can source most requirements if we don't have in our current range.

Wedding Tablecloth Hire The RAAJ

Your choice of tablecloths is likely to be determined by your wedding colour scheme and the chances are that here at The RAAJ, we will be able to accommodate your requirements as we have access to a vast amount of different tablecloth styles, sizes and colours to suit all wedding and event occasions.  Ultimately, you want to ensure that you hire the very best quality as you can rest assured that this gets noticed by all your guests, so it needs to be clean, pressed and table ready for your wedding when it arrives at your wedding venue.

Wedding Chair Covers Rental

Hire Asian Wedding Tablecloths From The RAAJ

Darker coloured tablecloths, napkins and other linen are in-vogue at the moment, and these really do look beautiful and set off polished steel and gold wedding cutlery at their very best.  At the same time, if you are hiring crystal lazy susans and centrepieces, for example, then these look fabulous against a dark backdrop.  

As part of your overall wedding vision, you and your RAAJ consultant will be able to decide on the best tablecloth hire for your special occasion.  Determined by your event decor and also by the size of the banqueting tables, the whole range is available for you to choose from.

Napkin Hire The RAAJ


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