We work with our vetted list of preferred suppliers when it comes to catering, to deliver you a first class dining experience.

Indian Wedding Caterers

Culinary expertise is vital for the best weddings and events, and our mouth-watering, authentic cuisine is nothing short of inspirational.  Aside from the lavish ceremonies and traditions, Asian weddings are considered incomplete without delicious food.

At your Asian wedding or corporate event, our food is served by professionally trained, fully uniformed serving staff, ensuring that not only the food but the whole dining experience at your wedding or event becomes a real talking point.

Speak to your RAAJ consultant about our authentic wedding catering options.  Working in conjunction with our catering partners, we will organise everything together with you from the tastings, through the menu selection and the provision of the catering in your special day.

Best Asian Wedding Caterers Are Vital

Asian wedding catering is one of the most important elements of your wedding occasion.  Many people remember a wedding by the quality of the catering - get it right and it will be remembered for years to come, get it wrong and the impact is obvious.  When it comes to Asian wedding caterers, the recipe and formula is a relatively simple one - taste, taste, taste....and presentation.  Of course, with food, the taste is all important and whatever cuisine and menu you decide upon, the foremost thought in your mind is for it to taste great.  And secondly, it needs to look great.  Remember, people eat with their eyes, and the first impression that your caterers make with the food on the plate goes a long way to it tasting great.  This is because subconsciously, if food is sizzling and looks mouthwateringly good, then even before your guests have tasted it, they will have used their other senses which tell them that the food should taste spectacular.

To find the right Asian wedding caterers can sometimes be a problem, yet this is an area of your Asian wedding that you can't afford to get wrong.  So, take the time to look around and choose the best Indian wedding caterers for your special occasion.  You'll get to know the best Asian wedding caterers such as The RAAJ simply by getting into conversation.  Top quality Asian wedding catering companies will take the time to understand your requirements fully, not try to guide you down a pre-determined path.  

Best Wedding Catering Service In London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds & Across The UK

So, how do you make sure that your Asian wedding has the best caterers?  Well, it's important to recognise that what is right for one couple's wedding is not necessarily always right for another couples wedding.  Typically, brides and grooms, and sometimes their extended family, might visit the wedding venue or indeed the caterers to have tasting in the months prior to the wedding to choose their menu and to finalise what they are going to offer their guests during the course of the day.  It can often be difficult to get everyone together and available at the same time for a wedding food tasting, and so The RAAJ - as part of our complete service package offering - is delighted to host you at our premises for your food tasting where we work with a number of different Asian wedding caterers, all of whom offer something slightly different and unique to proceedings.  Together we can decide on the menu, the quantities, the timings and how the cuisine will be served at your Asian wedding or event, to ensure that everyone knows what is expected.

Asian Wedding Catering Company

Of course, it's not just the cooking methods and techniques that are used to create fabulous Indian cuisine for weddings - our caterers also use the finest, fresh ingredients so that you and your guests can delight in the taste sensations that they create.

Catering Company Asian Wedding

Attention to detail is perhaps THE most important element of any successful Asian wedding caterers, and the team of professional chefs working with The RAAJ provide exactly that.  Delicious food combined with outstanding presentation is a simple yet successful formula, meaning that The RAAJ Asian wedding catering service is always in demand.  Being as you have chosen the menu yourself based on our suggestions and also your own individual ideas, the fact that your personal menu, designed by you, is always appreciated by your wedding guests.  Not all Asian wedding catering companies provide you with this level of personalised service, yet it is something that is hugely important to our team of professional Asian wedding chefs and catering team.  Vegetarian cuisine, traditional Asian wedding dishes, contemporary dishes....these are all possible according to your wishes.

Of course, depending upon the Asian wedding venue that you choose, they may insist that you use their own in-house catering team, or they may have certain Asian wedding caterers as preferred suppliers, and it's always essential that you ask this question.  Yes, you might have a particular wedding venue in mind which fits the bill size, location and budget-wise....however, are you able to customise the whole package according to your wishes, or are you being dictated to by the venue as to what you can and can't have.  Many brides and grooms, therefore, start the wedding planning process with their Asian wedding catering company.  By reputation, by word of mouth and by menu design and tasting, they decide on which Asian wedding caterer they want to supply their event and then work with a venue that is already supplied by the caterer or contact the venue to ensure that they will accommodate an outside Asian wedding catering company for a particular date.  Some will, some won't - however, it's important to go through this process as, after all, your wedding food is one of the most important elements of your wedding.  People enjoy food, people remember food - therefore, get this right and you have gone a long way in producing a wonderful wedding occasion.  And Indian wedding caterers, The RAAJ and our preffered catering suppliers, are perfectly positioned to help you with this, whatever your location and venue choice.

Indian Caterers For Weddings, Events & Occasions

Here at The RAAJ, we realise and understand that there is a multitude of Asian wedding caterers available in the market, quite literally catering for all levels of the market.  If you are looking for cheap Asian wedding caterers, then you are in the wrong place here at The RAAJ.  We believe that we are one of the best Asian wedding caterers based on our finest ingredients, our professional chefs, their attention to detail and the service that we provide.  No, we are not cheap wedding caterers - what we do provide is a competitive price for the quality you receive.  

So, that's the food taken care of, but what about the other elements of 'catering' for a wedding or event.  You need to have a think about what wedding cutlery, crockery and glassware you are going to use at your venue, some ranges of which you can find right here at The RAAJ.  And also, when it comes to presenting the food at the table, The RAAJ has a team of waiters and waitresses who are fully uniformed in fabulous traditional outfits and who are attentive to you and your guests, adding to the drama, excitement and splendour of your wedding banquet.

You will be able to discuss all your Indian wedding catering needs with your RAAJ consultant who will be happy to arrange tastings and discuss menu ideas with you based on experience and also the current trends and fashions when it comes to Indian catering.  Draw on our knowledge and work with the best here at The RAAJ - your Asian wedding catering company, working together with some of the best Asian wedding caterers in the business.


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