Chiavari Chairs Hire

Perhaps one of the most popular chairs for Asian weddings and corporate events is the classic Chiavari chair.  These Chiavari chairs are characterised by their horizontal batons across the back and vertical batons at the top of the back of the chair.

The RAAJ offers Chiavari chairs in a range of different colours, one of which is sure to suit the styling for your special occasion.  You can choose from antique goldwash Chiavari chairs, limewash Chiavari chairs, silver Chiavari chairs, white Chiavari chairs or black Chiavari chairs to tie in with your event decor.  We also offer a range of 6 different coloured seat pads so you can choose from red, blue, green, gold, black or ivory.

Chiavari chairs are timeless wedding chairs as they are both stylish and comfortable.  The most popular choice for weddings are limewash Chiavari chairs as their neutrality of colour means that they are compatible with most weddings and events. You might also want to consider using our range of chair sashes to further enhance the appearance of your Chiavari chairs to complement your event decor.  One of the most popular colours of Chiavari chairs here at the RAAJ are our gold chiavari chairs which are almost a goldwash antique gold Chiavari chair hire colour, perfect for luxurious and lavish occasions and events.

Speak to your RAAJ consultant about what colour and quantities you need for your Chiavari chairs - with thousands of Chiavari chairs in stock, we are sure to be able to assist and provide you with this important element for your wedding or event.

There's little doubt that limewash Chiavari chairs are the most popular for all types of weddings, whether this is Asian weddings or traditional English white weddings.  This is probably as a result of the neutral colour which limewash wedding chairs such as limewash Chiavari chairs have, meaning that whatever the colour scheme and event decor you are choosing or that is already in place, the chances are that the limewash colour will complement it rather than contrast against it.  Fortunately, The RAAJ has thousands of Chiavari chairs in limewash colour available for hire, and believe it or not, the are usually all out on hire throughout the year.  Demand across the country for limewash Chiavari chairs is amazing and so it's important to ensure that we have the quantities of limewash Chiavari chairs available at any one time.

The RAAJ Chiavari Chair Hire

Asian Wedding Chiavari Chairs For Hire For Asian Weddings

Quality of your Chiavari chairs is also of paramount importance and we do this by making sure that we only use top quality Chiavari chairs which undergo regular maintenance and resprays.  Your wedding day is probably the most important day of your life and you want it to be remembered for all the RIGHT reasons, not because of the fact that you Chiavari chairs looked worn. Here at The RAAJ we have strict quality control standards.  If it doesn't match our expectations, then it won't match and exceed your expectations.  Rest assured that we are working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that whatever colour of wedding Chiavari chair hire you need, we will provide you with the best quality chair hire and furniture hire products in the industry.

Chiavari Chair Hire For Asian Weddings From The RAAJ

At the same time, white chiavari chairs are also becoming increasingly popular for Asian weddings, again no doubt due to their neutral colour.  The wonderful thing about not just white Chiavari chairs but in fact all the various colours of Chiavari chairs that we offer is the fact that because the seat pad colours are interchangeable, then this gives you complete flexibility and choice when it comes to your chair styling.  It might be, for example, that you have a white mandap which forms the centrepiece of your wedding occasion and you are following a white theme in terms of the drapes, tablecloths, linen, napkins and other furniture and venue decoration and you will naturally want to hire white wedding chairs.  The fact that you can choose your seat pad colour, however, provides you with that unique oppoortunity to add a splash of colour to your wedding chairs, to complement your other event decor.  You might choose gold seat pads, burgundy seat pads or even black seat pads - whatever choice you make, you can rest assured that The RAAJ team are here to make your life simple and straightforward.

Gold Chiavari Wedding Chair Hire The RAAJ

Gold Chiavari Chair Hire Is Always Popular

We also offer gold Chiavari chairs which are incredibly popular for Asian weddings and corporate events.  By their very nature, Asian weddings are beautiful and lavish occasions and so the natural choice for many is to reflect this with antique goldwash gold chiavari chair hire, enhanced even further by the fact that you can choose your complementing seat pad.  The fact that you can also hire gold wedding thrones from The RAAJ means that your gold banqueting chairs tie in with your wedding thrones and other wedding furniture, offering you the very best majestic furniture for your Asian wedding.

Completing our range of Chiavari chairs are our silver Chiavari wedding chairs and our black Chiavari weddings chairs, all of which are available in their hundreds, providing us with the opportunity to supply Chiavari wedding chair hire to couples up and down the country simultaneously.  Choice is everything when it comes to your special day and here at The RAAJ, we aim to provide you with the very best range and quality and, in the event that we don't have what you have in mind within our existing range, we can usually source the items that you need to create your signature wedding or corporate event.

Our range of Chiavari chairs are the perfectAsian wedding banqueting chairs and so there's no need to tell you that they fit perfectly around round dining tables and rectangular wedding top tables, achieving the classic wedding look.

We are here to work together with you to deliver your perfect Asian wedding day and one that will live long in the memory.

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